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A rescue for your eyes

The skin around your eyes is the most delicate and therefore it needs special treatment

The eyes are situated at the center of our face and therefore when we have dark circles or puffiness underneath our eyes or some wrinkles appear it immediately affects our appearance. In addition the skin around our eyes is very delicate. In fact, it is ten times thinner than the skin on our face. Sun exposure, air pollution, smoking or even bad genes can increase these signs but there is something we can do.

Premier Dead Sea developed a line of products specifically designed for this delicate area and using it on a frequent basis can make wonders to your skin and keep your eyes looking fresh and you can slow and even delay the aging process your eyes are going through.  One of the most successful ones is the Eye Serum that contains soothing and nourishing ingredients that create a reall difference for your eyes.

Aside for relieving puffiness and dark circles the unique serum that creates a lifting effect and at the same time moisturizes the skin. Serum is the best way to tackle a specific problem such as defying age marks like wrinkles. Serum is very highly concentrated fluid that penetrates the skin and delivers nutrients as well hydration to the skin cells. The best way to use this Premier Dead Sea Eye Serum is together with an eye cream that completes the moisturizing effect.

Premiere Dead Sea eye serum is unique with its special Liposome complex and its special lifting effect on your skin, specifically in the places where wrinkles already appear. The skin is deeply moisturized and rejuvenated and its tone is restored. In fact the serum has triple actions on the skin- rejuvenation, miniaturization and anti-aging.

Because the skin around your eyes is so delicate, it is the first to show signs of aging and therefore you should put extra care when choosing the skincare that is right for this area. The serum should be very gentle and not include irritable compounds that can cause allergies.

So if you really care about your eyes then the first thing to do is choose the right serum to protect and rejuvenate the skin, serum that contains Dead Sea Minerals that are famous for the marvels they do on the skin. Premiere Dead Sea uses the most advanced technologies in order to exploit the best of nature for the best results for your skin. When it comes to the eyes there is no place for less than the best and high quality skin care that is specially designed for the area around the eye.

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A rescue for your eyes
 Get your skin revived with a mask

Get your skin revived with a mask

Unique cosmetic breakthroughs that help you look much younger with a firm energetic skin.

It is a known fact that a mud mask can regenerate your skin by removing dead skin and allowing your skin to renew itself. For a radiant looking skin you should go this extra mile and try this one of a kind hypoallergenic mask. The great advantage of a mask on other beauty treatments is the duration of application. When you use a mask you allow the affective ingredients in the mask work on your face and you the results in the mirror. Premier Dead Sea developed this patented and innovative mask containing very powerful antioxidants that smooth and brighten your skin and help even your pigmentation. The mask also stimulates your blood circulation so by applying the mask twice a week you can achieve even looking and healthy skin.

Even if you have a consistent skin care regime that includes cleansing and moisturizing your skin every morning and every evening, it is recommend adding a mask treatment to your daily routine. Masks can provide your skin with this extra moisture it needs and also absorb excess oil. Because you leave the mask on your face for a while – 5- 20 minutes and sometimes overnight the active ingredients in the mask such as antioxidants, Dead Sea minerals and oils are better delivered to your skin.

As we age our skin needs better care and it is important to choose high quality skin care that will provide us with the ultimate solution for our needs. Premier Dead Sea developed this miracle mask that will give you that extra special care your skin needs in order to restore its firmness and younger appearance. The minerals in the mask have therapeutic affects aside their beatifying benefits.

In order to increase its effectiveness this unique mask is accompanied with a mineral bar that gives your skin an extra boost of moisture. In order to get the best results you should leave the mask on your face for at least 20 minutes and then when you remove the mask wrap the black mineral bar with a tissue and glide it over the mask and your skin. As the mineral bar glide over your face it will remove the mask and you shall revealing a radiant skin. The oil residue which also enriches your skin can be massaged to your skin and enrich it with extra minerals or removed with a milk cleanser.  The mineral content of this Premier Dead Sea black mask include magnesium, potassium, calcium and silicon in addition to antioxidants  and all this rich complex makes wonders to your skin already after first usage.